Lost there!

Life’s a struggle. Path of pain, with a hint of happiness. Everyday we wake up, get up, gather ourselves and start a new day. Struggle every moment from getting up to reaching our destinations, struggling from crying all night to smiling fresh next morning. The pain never ends. It never does. We adopt ourselves to the kind of stress and the pain. Pain stays. It stays forever in that little poor corner of your heart.
And when in your day, you start working, you get busy in your daily chores, formalities and meet-ups, you give yourselves a moving-on push.
I went out the other day with my family for some good collection of wall stickers. My dad parked the car on the road-side and he went in the shop to collect his spectacles. Just with the spectacle shop was a small dark dusted room with large green old door. 2 middle aged men were sitting on a small wooden bench outside that room-like tyre puncture shop. And the shop keeper was an old man almost living 70th year of his life. With his bended back and white clothe on his head, he was busy repairing that flat punctured tyre. He touched the inner rounds of the tyre, went back in the shop, brought a hammer and other tools. Using the hammer, he lined the inner edges of the tyre. He pulled the tube out of it and took the tube back to the shop. Then he came out, and started talking to the men sitting there. Meanwhile, another old man came, hugged him, greeted him and then went away. The shop man resumed his work using some other tools in repairing it. And then atlast he set the tyre and put all the tools back in the bag and went in the shop. I kept on watching how dedicated was he to his work and how honest was he to his proffession that too in this age of his life.
Just then my brother said, “Rimsha, this old shop man, HE CAN’T SEE”
And boom, with all teary eyes, and an aching heart I wanted to salute him and hug him and tell him that I adore him, the pain in his eyes and trembles in his hands couldn’t stop him from making an effort to earn honestly.
Life is all about pain with a hint of happiness. But the best is the one who makes the best out of life.


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