Relishing the karaoke!

screenshot_2016-11-07-20-00-26-1 When talking about everyday, our days are pretty routined with smoothness! The daily day-chores followed by the peaceful nights.

Just when you ever focus on yourselves while overburdened and when working, many of us find ourselves singing (mostly unconsiously). Talking about myself 50% of the times I hear myself singing some weird mixtures of a billion songs going in my head on. No wonder, we all do that.

I enjoy self-sung songs more than the originals because that weird blending talks sense sometimes.

I was actually done with my work pretty earlier today. So decided to give karaoke a try. Well, Why shouldn’t I? Self-obsession is overloaded here. Trying to enjoy every bit all this while, I somehow successfully downloaded the uploaded karaoke version.

Singing isn’t my passion but is no less than a passion. Lol (no politics played). Karaoke was exactly something I needed to sound like a cuckoo. LMAO! The first karaoke I found was kinda my favorite one. Clicked next. The music started with the highlighted lyrics. Bang! Here I started with my rough-dead crow voice, following the lyrics when they turn coloured having no bloody idea about the background music. I was sounding extremely soothing. Waving hands right to left, footworking unnoticeably. Unaware of the rythms, going with the flow; rather singing. Relished each moment of my 2 minute dead and disastrous singing! via Daily Prompt: Relish


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