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A Rainbow in the shadows!

Screenshot_2016-11-22-19-54-07-1.pngvia Daily Prompt: Elicit

And she knew she picked the thorns,
For that was her divine she believed.

In the midst of storms, she went through
Path where broken, stars there gleamed.

She closed her eyes, stumbling a lot,
To the entire fob in the way she received.

Promised the better the smizer the face
Urging the walk she ever of dreamed.

Amazed to the most, she there pulled off
World told, that could never be seized.


Relishing the karaoke!

screenshot_2016-11-07-20-00-26-1 When talking about everyday, our days are pretty routined with smoothness! The daily day-chores followed by the peaceful nights.

Just when you ever focus on yourselves while overburdened and when working, many of us find ourselves singing (mostly unconsiously). Talking about myself 50% of the times I hear myself singing some weird mixtures of a billion songs going in my head on. No wonder, we all do that.

I enjoy self-sung songs more than the originals because that weird blending talks sense sometimes.

I was actually done with my work pretty earlier today. So decided to give karaoke a try. Well, Why shouldn’t I? Self-obsession is overloaded here. Trying to enjoy every bit all this while, I somehow successfully downloaded the uploaded karaoke version.

Singing isn’t my passion but is no less than a passion. Lol (no politics played). Karaoke was exactly something I needed to sound like a cuckoo. LMAO! The first karaoke I found was kinda my favorite one. Clicked next. The music started with the highlighted lyrics. Bang! Here I started with my rough-dead crow voice, following the lyrics when they turn coloured having no bloody idea about the background music. I was sounding extremely soothing. Waving hands right to left, footworking unnoticeably. Unaware of the rythms, going with the flow; rather singing. Relished each moment of my 2 minute dead and disastrous singing! via Daily Prompt: Relish