Be Your Own Hero

And just another day, a colouring book said, “Be your own hero”. Not so different to what we mostly talk about. Just skiving off my books, I went into this weird imagination of Shaktimaan, haatim, and to no wonders ended up with popeye! Since our childhood, there had always been different epitomes of power and strength, those fictional heroes used to be our entire world. And even today, we find a bundle of faces valiantly wearing down the odds. Talking about kids and ourselves when we used to be kids, those magical powers had always fascinated us to some extent, and no doubt we always ended up buying our favorite hero toys and playing all day long with those small plastic heroes. Most favorites being Ben10, narruto, pokemon etc! In all these toys we have been imagining ourselves the acrobats, magicians, conjurer and god knows what else.
Heroes have always been a symbol of strength, courage, power and wisdom for us, fighting the evils and being the fair one. And as the phrase says, each one of us is his own hero. This made me remember a post I read the other day, “Feminists be like, “” Why hero and why not shero”” Hahaha never mind, Even a S-H-E-R-O has a hero in it. Believing the quote, I feel, infact most of you would agree with me that it’s our ownself who’s the evil and the hero. It’s our inner evil that makes us fall sick. The odds lie in us and not the world. We are the ones who are responsible for our wrongdoings. And no doubt we are the ones who can fight against our own evils, we can our be own heroes (Sheroes 😂). Standing against the wrong is not being different but being a hero to someone in need! Wearing down the odds in yourself can let you be the EVEN out. Let your ownself be the symbol of power and strength for you. And to all those epitomizing, sanju’s magic pencil, the sona’s  magical wond and the naani’s magical verses, the “Heroes”, know that you are your own’s magic pencil, magic wond and magical verse. Because when it comes to yourself, no one fights your evils better than you do! Sometimes it’s not about finding yourself but it’s about creating yourself!


Rimsha Syed.


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