She was different.

I…. I was a lame person. A fainting human being and a reckless jerk. Until, Until I saw a completely different world in her eyes. A world where she was her own Queen and her own monster. A leaf that was a part of a tree and not a part of the tree. Her eyes were a sparkle. A shine that glittered her body. A smile that blew the air away. She was a delightful soul. The day I saw her, she was smelling the flowers with a wide enchanting smile, closed eyes and a smooth wrinkleless face as If the softness of the petals have touched her soul. She was pure beauty. Her magnetic smile attracted me to her soul. I went closer and closer to her. “What a beauty” that’s all I said. “Sorry” she asked in a polite soothing inquiring voice. I smiled and hugged her. She hugged me back. I didnt know who she was? How she was? Why she was? And from where she was? That hug, that was the strongest and the most peacefull of all hugs I ever had. I knew she was a different person and unique self. I wished to meet her everyday. I asked her about who she is? “A person trying to live everyday as a different day” she said. I was blown by her words. How everyday can be a different day? Like my everyday has got the same stuff. I smile, I work, I get tired, I cry thats all we all do. Whats different about her days? She then walked away and I followed her. I ran after her to know more. She was still smiling. When I asked, she told me she’s in hurry and will meet me tomorrow at the same place and went away. She was different. She really was. Something was unique. I waited till the next day. The next day, she was there and was smiling holding coloured balloons. My day was kinda depressing. I was quite. She made me laugh, she hugged me and said “Different doesnt mean to be an alien, different means to be WHO YOU ARE” Her words engraved my heart. She made me a different person and a unique soul. ICU was the last place I saw her. The cancer had spread her body but couldnt stop her from smiling. I still remember what she last said “I’m passing my smile on to you, pass it on someone like you” she closed her eyes but that smile was still sketched on her face. WHAT A BEAUTY !! And SHE WAS DIFFERENT. DIFFERENT because she went away smiling and spreading smiles.




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