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What is Happiness.

And it’s not always that yu need screams, sometimes your silence speaks louder than any scream. Everyday we find thousand people with thousands of problems! Everyone considers his/her problems the hardest ones but who are we to scale them, who are we to rate them. Do we actually know what problems and adversities are? Do you know? Do I know? NO, we dont really know what hard time is, what no house means, what no food means, and what no money means! Wo don’t know what life is, what living is, what enduring is and what tolerating is?

We live a life full of comfort and luxury! A life where we have ample of food to eat and enough of money to waste. We live a life, where You and I party almost every night. We have days to celebrate and nights to re-live the memories. We have 42″ LCDs to watch our favorite shows and smart phones to stay connected to every corner of this world. We have our dinning tables full of dishes and soft drinks. We live a life where problems start from having latest smart phone to dropping the 2 year old car! Our problem is the cracked window or the uncomfortable bed matress. We live a life where we fight for a new X-box and cry for buying a new bike just because my friend has got that. We live a life of comparison. One needs a latest makeup kit to stay a heel above her friends. We cry for the latest things. Have you ever thought, how materialistic we have become? How feelingless we have been? Things matter more than people to us. If having the latest android phones and having modest households is living, then we are having best lives ever.
Having all this,we still complain,we still talk about our problems! We are living the best lives,there is no point of being sad and depressed. Then WHY? WHY MOST OF US ARE VISITING PSYCHIATRISTS OFF AND ON? WHY MOST OF US TAKE SLEEPING PILLS AND ANTI-DEPRESSANTS?
Just to make all of us remind, there are people in the world who don’t know what life is! They dont have food, they dont have money, they dont have LEDs and smart phones, they dont have proper homes and they dont have branded clothes to wear. Still I have seen them smiling and hugging each other! I have seen them playing GARAM PITHOO AND STAAPO together and laughing when one of them falls. If having smart phones and cars is living then why are they happy? Why are they satisfied? Why are they smiling and why are they contented? For me, life is what they are living. They know they dont have proper food to stay healthy but they smile because they know they have feelings and heart. They know they have friends and siblings who will stay by them forever! They live moments and we live things. They want love and we want latest materials. They smile for what they have and we cry for what we dont have. So, who’s better? Are our problems larger than theirs? Why dont they need to visit psychologists and psychiatrists? Why dont they need therapies and sleeping pills? We need to stay happy with what we have and not sad with what we dont have! Smart phones and latest cars can give us the temporary satisfaction but not a happy heart. We need to live and not to survive. Our happiness lies in satisfactory hearts and not in things! Our problems were never a problem. We just need to think about what we actually need! What our heart actually wants! Just go out and hug a child working at a shop, or a child begging for food and money! Trust me nothing in this world would make yu feel that happy!


Social Networking


Social networking is a complete addiction. Life sucks without it. I often wonder how people had been without it, like i feel about it as a saviour. It helps your boredom when even not you yourself could help. You feel down, low and sulky because you can’t help yourself and suddenly socialization strikes your mind. It helps you forget your fears and dullness for a while and makes you live a life of perfect happiness and contention. I don’t really know why, but all of a sudden I decided to try living without these social networks. That very moment I was quite humane and satisfied with my decision. It was a night of sheer happiness for me because I was about to end my few hours of the day without socializing. I seemed to be happy enough as I was to prove few of my own assumptions wrong, one of those being “Life is a cage without social networks”. The next morning, I woke up unusually early which was quite questioning but the only answer I could get was I slept early last night due to no internet. Well, normally I used to start my morning by logging in and today was a different day so I decided to rest another hour. The clock ticked 11:15 when a sudden sound woke me up as if a helicopter has landed on my head (It was a drilling machine -_-) If I clearly remember All I dreamt in that hourly span was me in a cage and twitter bird, mark zuckerburg and Whatsapp giggling and dancing around. WHAT THE HELL was this, I paused for a moment, gave it a thought and ended up telling myself that I’m not suffering with a  NoInternetPhobia. The day was quite unusual and unhealthy 😂😑 It wasn’t less than a nightmare. I tried keeping myself busy reading khalid hosseini, watching the crap TV shows, and even worse I entered KITCHEN. A day of intense wonder for my mother, (she would never know what actually made me do that.) 😄 My love for internet was making me low low and low! I still remember the times I picked up my phone to log in and suddenly remembered the shit I had done to myself 😑😣 At 5 in the evening, I went out to avoid my phone. I walked for an hour and did some unusual stuff. The trees, the kids, the people, the wet road itself could make feel better and make me forget my phone. That very moment I felt breathless, dizzy and felt if the oxygen has ended in the surroundings. I ran back home as fast as I could. The door was locked, I rang the bell and waited like anything for the door to open. That 1 min was the hardest minute of my entire life. The moment, ilhaan opened the door, I ran up for my room. I couldn’t find my phone at first, I tried calming down myself and searched for it patiently. It was up for charging. Within a second I got to the phone, and put the password (that was first and last time I hated myself for putting my phone on password-_-),clicked the WIFI and logged in the accounts and felt no less happiness. 😄😄😄 I found my heartbeats getting normal, and pulses between 70-75 , I could breathe properly and felt no shortage of oxygen. I sat on the floor mat, straightened my legs and I took deep breaths. I was back to life, the twitter bird was happily dancing. I was happy, my heart was happy, the internet was happy. We got married and lived happily ever after 😊