And no one else, but The Quaid-Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself deserves all the accolades and appreciation,for he found a country out of his dreams. He was a man of Wisdom, accumen and Sagacity. He took in the responsibility of being the hope of thousands of muslims of the sub-continent
Despite all the intricacies, he continued intriguing the matters to work out the best. He interspersed his speeches with thought awakening quotes and words and soon his voice spilled through every single street of sub-continent, raising the deepest sentiments of muslims.
He went on with the same spirit till the end. His endeavouring nature made the things to be sorted out in possibly the shortest span. And it was due to his political and social adroitness, leadership and cool headedness that he soon succeeded in calming down the muslim apprehensions and put the problems into perspective.
He endure many years of hatred and criticism but did not let the negativity affect his poles. The muslims of the sub-continent got to witness his ardent and whimsical nature of sticking to the dreams and digging out plans accordingly.
The irreverent congress party used every possible mean to bogg down his spells, thoughts, work and efforts but he left the scourges humiliated by his untirring efforts and strong worths.
His political and social dealing with the parties to not let the situations aggravate was a sure vision of his political prowess. His afflatus and grandeur made the people awe-inspiring at both the ends.
And it was his continuous hard work that resulted in the great exodus of 1947. With a few expired machinery and destroyed office files, he started the system of completely a new state and with in no time led to a country that still is living and still had its boundaries marked at the world map.
The man who fulfilled his dreams, and a dream of thousands of hearts.
“A country, a muslim nation and A Pakistan”
A country, he served his life for…..  Pakistan, that he created out of his strong worths and dreamful heart.
And today, we are living a life of freedom, strength and power. So lets promise together on this 11th sept,15 to be a Better and a True Pakistani and a nation that Quaid dreamt for 🙂
Regards: Rimsha Syed


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