And today all of a sudden, an air of rumination daubed my mind and took me away to the ride of those mesmerizing and cherishable moments where I still remember writing C.W for classwork and H.W for homework. The fresh plastic raser smell of my barbie shaded beautifully structured two-sided pencil boxes is still fresh in my mind.The shimmering transparent sheets covering my books were always a source of excitement for the new class and the edgy flowers of my pencil sharp which I used to paint differently always added a lot more to my pencil case.The love for those colourful animated stories and the science family trees still make me smile.The felicity of,when teacher penned down a shinning glittered star on my face for the best work and signing my copies with healthy remarks for my little efforts make me go ebullient even today.

These cheerful and axiomatic moments are the most placid and serene part of my life!!
Siping the cappuccino and the bright sun rays filtering in through the glass panes of the window once again took me back to the time, when I had the utmost desires for a tricycle,which my neighbours newly bought; that pinkish leathry seat and that silver Handle somewhere painted with pink dico managed to arose those mere girlish sentiments out of me.Ahh! But *grim looks* to my luck…It always remained a wish Until I turned 10 and got a bicycle,still not a girlish pink in colour but a lot much satisfactory to my desires.I wasn’t more than 11 years old when I remember waiting the whole day desperately for those lotry games; a man not old enough about the age of 45 used to visit our street every second day with his 80’s cycle with a whole wooden pane with randomly ordered numbers from 1-50 on it,the kinch-kinch sounds out of his cycle were a signal for his arrival.He always used to shout out loud to call the desperate kids out of their houses to have his lotry games and win big.BIG in those days was not more than a horny band.I still remember,how hardly I used to save 10 Rs.per day out of those 20Rs. Pocket money.But again thumbs up to my atrocious luck,I never won more than a barbie batch….well,that barbie badge was I guess actually enough to turn out my excitement to screams and these moments are merely a memory today!!
Childhood memmories require a whole 100 page book to be written and still left enough to write another 100 page book.These memmories can never have a fizzle end and are blantantly the most perfect part of our lives. Kudos to our Childhood days👍


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