Sidharth’s Dreamful Fans..

Hey,Hy,Hello…. (How’re you…How’s your work going) don’t you think are some kinda very old,odd & stale QUESTIONS… I mean OFFCOURSE you be doing great? 

TO be honest, I’ve been writing you since I became Eloquent enough…Just like many other girls some grinds have gone in vain too but many a times some unexpected wrenches blessed me with a pursuit of happiness and satisfaction….(voice messages on wechat…and twitter replies)

Your enchanting and rose-coloured personality has let me epitomize you a thousand times…My dreams have no end and infact none of us has a full stop to his/her fanatic wishes… Fencing the floors of our minds is a wanton try…

The other day I was reading “Flowers Of Algernon” which blatantly depicts the gravity of our thoughts… (How accomplishing our dreams is necessary)To More than a billion minds, you’re a momentous and a gilded part (the corner of their felicity and pleasure)…Out of our reprehensible and flickering lives..there is a life full of poise just because of yu…

A fans life:-

Keeping their books aside,their arguments to minds, they log in to their twitter accounts to see the activeness of their engrossing hunk… To see either he tweeted today or not… TO see who else he talked about today… And What else he posted today on IG… “Being an ordinary person and dreaming for the stars be like TELL THAT TO MARINES” (Faces are different but the dream is one SIDHARTH MALHOTRA)

Sometimes I feel insecure and fidgetfull to see a lot many hearts romping hard to reach you and honestly speaking, each one of the sidian feels the same but at the same time, we are happy and contented to see our star with such HEAVENLY-KISSED PRAISES…..

I’m not here to write a dreamy essay but just want to let yu know, how our hearts skip beats on yur every single activity.. Your name is just enough to dip us in an air of rumination where we can live a sid-ful life =D 🙂 For us twitter is the only platform (& now IG too) to communicate with yu…to let yu know how much we love you.. how much we care for yu…and to let yu know that we are always there to support yu and to stand beside yu..

When you reply to a few fans…THAT moment of agony and detriment seems very heartrending to other thousands of fans…but just a moment later, we all gailiy celebrate a SIDDY-TWEET day…To us, the real happiness is your tweets…no matter how stressed we are,how disturbed we are…but yur one tweet can do that thing to us… we can laugh and smile for the rest of our lives… We celebrate the joy of seeing your typed words…and the joy of ardent hopes and wishes of MAY BE YOU HAD CLICKED IN, YOUR NOTIFICATIONS…Every single moment that we spend tweeting yu is a bliss..

All the sidians out there, are living a SIDISM and SIDOCENTRIC lives…You are the most serene and placid part of our lives.. Each and Every day..we try harder and harder to get noticed…and with the ending hours of the day …some hearts are the most happiest ones..and some return to their beds with broken hearts..but that’s the real race and fun of our lives where we have to face failures too with hopes of “wins”..

Fans protect you:-

To hear cheeky and grim words about you, smothers us and tbh, we all are always ready to carry a fight against those grumblers…. and it soon becomes a war of SIDIANS and not of SIDHARTH …It feels like a SIDDY-ARMY who fences you to protect you….

The best thing to hear about myself is to be called a SIDIAN… Sidians family is the best family I ever found… I can’t lose YOU and my SIDIAN FAMILY at any cost… There comes a thousand moments when we feel like “we can never succeed” ..but we never know what’s coming our ways….

SIDHARTH you lead us and we follow yu…thankyou for being such a selfless and engrossing personality….thankyou for being there in our lives…. it’s an honour to be your fan….

Thankyou, Regards RIMSHA SYED..


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