Sidharth-My Love!!

Hey my honey bunny…How’s you?? And Whatsupp?? “Brothers” shooting done… 🙂 Well how was it ?? How did yu find Akshay kumar to work with??…We heard about your mock gravity (seriousness) towards your character…Hard work is offcourse important but Do take care of your self too and do practise your characters gravely…lol !! (but with a lil care)

   As I said earlier in one of my blogs that you’re the MAINSTAY of our imaginary love stories and sometimes my imaginations daub my mind so hard that there starts the endless stories-tales…with a small house of us across the road behind a rampart of ancient elms,brownish red under its autumn mantle of creeper..just full of rustic charm (such stories can never have a fizzle end)..And there’s just a single reason behind all these tales…YOU & YOUR SPECTACULAR AND COURTEOUS SELF..

   Your response towards us has made you even more respectable and adorable..No doubt your gimmick and incisive understanding with acting  has a yonky and magnificient stay in this industry..Your irresistable good deeds and sparkling personality has wore down the haters!! Your +ve personality and attitude of sticking to what yu’ve once decided will always make you rise even higher…

   My epigrammatic thoughts often lead me to say much in a satisfactory way,which would I be sending yu someday (one day)… You’ve driven our pityful and hopeless lives crazy…Our hellish and grumbly lives too have YOU as its glamorous and appreciable part!!

   And I just wanna wake up those who have developed a habit of always looking towards the darker side of their lives that YES SID CAN EFFECT YOUR LIVES BY HIS CHEERFULNESS..No doubt sid you’ve a much better standing in this industry than others because of your amazing and affective personality..For me you’ve become an essential part Of my life without whom I can’t even Imagine my life..

   I would like to add up that for us,

“You’re an oasis of hope in the midst of deserts of worldly woes and difficulties”…When we see nothing, we see you!! You are a sparkle of hope to us in this world of desperation…SID I owe my life to you bcz when I look back about how I used to be and How m I now..I definately can say that YOU CHANGED ME !! Thankyou for being so special to us….My love lies far beyond the access of words!! 

  In the end I would love to thank you on behalf of all those whom you have noticed and replied bcz its the most serene and placid part of our lives…And request you on behalf of all those whom you unfortunately couldn’t give time, to please bless them with your notice…

   I wish you All the Best for your future projects and Pray for a triumph success of them!! 

Love, @rimshasyed


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