Zohaib Khawar

An emerging talent:

Zohaib khawar-another new young talented sound designer-a singer-an artist and a heartfelt person!! He joined the Pakistan industry in very early years of his age!!


He’z a student of IT and started his career as a musician!! He got this inspiration from his father!! He represented Pakistan in BAKU,AZERBAIJAN in June 2013…He was nominated as a cultural ambassador of Pakistan in United States in 2014..He also represented Pakistani music and Sufi poetry in BAKU,AZERBAIJAN in May 2014..He has done his certification in music theory and sound design from Thiel College,Pennsylvania..He also got 4th Position in National singing competition held at PTV in the year 2012!!

His Personality:

He’s a determined and a hearten guy!! His singing has a magnificient stay in the industry!! He is no doubt a versatile and a fanatic singer and His stupendous and irresistable self carries a great future ahead!! He surely has a gimmicky and an incisive understanding with music!! Zohaib’s soulful voice and engrossing personality has no doubt stolen a thousands of hearts and yet many to go…by now he has done three songs..Which not only thrilled his fans but have an amazing and successful effect on the critics too!!


His father and family supported him in every possible way!! His other two siblings SUNEEL KHAWAR & MIZRAAB KHAWAR have also been seen sharing stage with him a several times!! His all the songs are exuberant enough to flog away our nasty moods!! I must say he is a blatant future superstar!! I wish him all the very best for his future projects!! All the power and luck to him 🙂 !!

Thankyou!! Regards RIMSHA SYED!!


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