Lost there!

Life’s a struggle. Path of pain, with a hint of happiness. Everyday we wake up, get up, gather ourselves and start a new day. Struggle every moment from getting up to reaching our destinations, struggling from crying all night to smiling fresh next morning. The pain never ends. It never does. We adopt ourselves to the kind of stress and the pain. Pain stays. It stays forever in that little poor corner of your heart.
And when in your day, you start working, you get busy in your daily chores, formalities and meet-ups, you give yourselves a moving-on push.
I went out the other day with my family for some good collection of wall stickers. My dad parked the car on the road-side and he went in the shop to collect his spectacles. Just with the spectacle shop was a small dark dusted room with large green old door. 2 middle aged men were sitting on a small wooden bench outside that room-like tyre puncture shop. And the shop keeper was an old man almost living 70th year of his life. With his bended back and white clothe on his head, he was busy repairing that flat punctured tyre. He touched the inner rounds of the tyre, went back in the shop, brought a hammer and other tools. Using the hammer, he lined the inner edges of the tyre. He pulled the tube out of it and took the tube back to the shop. Then he came out, and started talking to the men sitting there. Meanwhile, another old man came, hugged him, greeted him and then went away. The shop man resumed his work using some other tools in repairing it. And then atlast he set the tyre and put all the tools back in the bag and went in the shop. I kept on watching how dedicated was he to his work and how honest was he to his proffession that too in this age of his life.
Just then my brother said, “Rimsha, this old shop man, HE CAN’T SEE”
And boom, with all teary eyes, and an aching heart I wanted to salute him and hug him and tell him that I adore him, the pain in his eyes and trembles in his hands couldn’t stop him from making an effort to earn honestly.
Life is all about pain with a hint of happiness. But the best is the one who makes the best out of life.


A Rainbow in the shadows!

Screenshot_2016-11-22-19-54-07-1.pngvia Daily Prompt: Elicit

And she knew she picked the thorns,
For that was her divine she believed.

In the midst of storms, she went through
Path where broken, stars there gleamed.

She closed her eyes, stumbling a lot,
To the entire fob in the way she received.

Promised the better the smizer the face
Urging the walk she ever of dreamed.

Amazed to the most, she there pulled off
World told, that could never be seized.

Relishing the karaoke!

screenshot_2016-11-07-20-00-26-1https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/relish/ When talking about everyday, our days are pretty routined with smoothness! The daily day-chores followed by the peaceful nights.

Just when you ever focus on yourselves while overburdened and when working, many of us find ourselves singing (mostly unconsiously). Talking about myself 50% of the times I hear myself singing some weird mixtures of a billion songs going in my head on. No wonder, we all do that.

I enjoy self-sung songs more than the originals because that weird blending talks sense sometimes.

I was actually done with my work pretty earlier today. So decided to give karaoke a try. Well, Why shouldn’t I? Self-obsession is overloaded here. Trying to enjoy every bit all this while, I somehow successfully downloaded the uploaded karaoke version.

Singing isn’t my passion but is no less than a passion. Lol (no politics played). Karaoke was exactly something I needed to sound like a cuckoo. LMAO! The first karaoke I found was kinda my favorite one. Clicked next. The music started with the highlighted lyrics. Bang! Here I started with my rough-dead crow voice, following the lyrics when they turn coloured having no bloody idea about the background music. I was sounding extremely soothing. Waving hands right to left, footworking unnoticeably. Unaware of the rythms, going with the flow; rather singing. Relished each moment of my 2 minute dead and disastrous singing! via Daily Prompt: Relish

Be Your Own Hero

And just another day, a colouring book said, “Be your own hero”. Not so different to what we mostly talk about. Just skiving off my books, I went into this weird imagination of Shaktimaan, haatim, and to no wonders ended up with popeye! Since our childhood, there had always been different epitomes of power and strength, those fictional heroes used to be our entire world. And even today, we find a bundle of faces valiantly wearing down the odds. Talking about kids and ourselves when we used to be kids, those magical powers had always fascinated us to some extent, and no doubt we always ended up buying our favorite hero toys and playing all day long with those small plastic heroes. Most favorites being Ben10, narruto, pokemon etc! In all these toys we have been imagining ourselves the acrobats, magicians, conjurer and god knows what else.
Heroes have always been a symbol of strength, courage, power and wisdom for us, fighting the evils and being the fair one. And as the phrase says, each one of us is his own hero. This made me remember a post I read the other day, “Feminists be like, “” Why hero and why not shero”” Hahaha never mind, Even a S-H-E-R-O has a hero in it. Believing the quote, I feel, infact most of you would agree with me that it’s our ownself who’s the evil and the hero. It’s our inner evil that makes us fall sick. The odds lie in us and not the world. We are the ones who are responsible for our wrongdoings. And no doubt we are the ones who can fight against our own evils, we can our be own heroes (Sheroes 😂). Standing against the wrong is not being different but being a hero to someone in need! Wearing down the odds in yourself can let you be the EVEN out. Let your ownself be the symbol of power and strength for you. And to all those epitomizing, sanju’s magic pencil, the sona’s  magical wond and the naani’s magical verses, the “Heroes”, know that you are your own’s magic pencil, magic wond and magical verse. Because when it comes to yourself, no one fights your evils better than you do! Sometimes it’s not about finding yourself but it’s about creating yourself!


Rimsha Syed.

She was different.

I…. I was a lame person. A fainting human being and a reckless jerk. Until, Until I saw a completely different world in her eyes. A world where she was her own Queen and her own monster. A leaf that was a part of a tree and not a part of the tree. Her eyes were a sparkle. A shine that glittered her body. A smile that blew the air away. She was a delightful soul. The day I saw her, she was smelling the flowers with a wide enchanting smile, closed eyes and a smooth wrinkleless face as If the softness of the petals have touched her soul. She was pure beauty. Her magnetic smile attracted me to her soul. I went closer and closer to her. “What a beauty” that’s all I said. “Sorry” she asked in a polite soothing inquiring voice. I smiled and hugged her. She hugged me back. I didnt know who she was? How she was? Why she was? And from where she was? That hug, that was the strongest and the most peacefull of all hugs I ever had. I knew she was a different person and unique self. I wished to meet her everyday. I asked her about who she is? “A person trying to live everyday as a different day” she said. I was blown by her words. How everyday can be a different day? Like my everyday has got the same stuff. I smile, I work, I get tired, I cry thats all we all do. Whats different about her days? She then walked away and I followed her. I ran after her to know more. She was still smiling. When I asked, she told me she’s in hurry and will meet me tomorrow at the same place and went away. She was different. She really was. Something was unique. I waited till the next day. The next day, she was there and was smiling holding coloured balloons. My day was kinda depressing. I was quite. She made me laugh, she hugged me and said “Different doesnt mean to be an alien, different means to be WHO YOU ARE” Her words engraved my heart. She made me a different person and a unique soul. ICU was the last place I saw her. The cancer had spread her body but couldnt stop her from smiling. I still remember what she last said “I’m passing my smile on to you, pass it on someone like you” she closed her eyes but that smile was still sketched on her face. WHAT A BEAUTY !! And SHE WAS DIFFERENT. DIFFERENT because she went away smiling and spreading smiles.



What is Happiness.

And it’s not always that yu need screams, sometimes your silence speaks louder than any scream. Everyday we find thousand people with thousands of problems! Everyone considers his/her problems the hardest ones but who are we to scale them, who are we to rate them. Do we actually know what problems and adversities are? Do you know? Do I know? NO, we dont really know what hard time is, what no house means, what no food means, and what no money means! Wo don’t know what life is, what living is, what enduring is and what tolerating is?

We live a life full of comfort and luxury! A life where we have ample of food to eat and enough of money to waste. We live a life, where You and I party almost every night. We have days to celebrate and nights to re-live the memories. We have 42″ LCDs to watch our favorite shows and smart phones to stay connected to every corner of this world. We have our dinning tables full of dishes and soft drinks. We live a life where problems start from having latest smart phone to dropping the 2 year old car! Our problem is the cracked window or the uncomfortable bed matress. We live a life where we fight for a new X-box and cry for buying a new bike just because my friend has got that. We live a life of comparison. One needs a latest makeup kit to stay a heel above her friends. We cry for the latest things. Have you ever thought, how materialistic we have become? How feelingless we have been? Things matter more than people to us. If having the latest android phones and having modest households is living, then we are having best lives ever.
Having all this,we still complain,we still talk about our problems! We are living the best lives,there is no point of being sad and depressed. Then WHY? WHY MOST OF US ARE VISITING PSYCHIATRISTS OFF AND ON? WHY MOST OF US TAKE SLEEPING PILLS AND ANTI-DEPRESSANTS?
Just to make all of us remind, there are people in the world who don’t know what life is! They dont have food, they dont have money, they dont have LEDs and smart phones, they dont have proper homes and they dont have branded clothes to wear. Still I have seen them smiling and hugging each other! I have seen them playing GARAM PITHOO AND STAAPO together and laughing when one of them falls. If having smart phones and cars is living then why are they happy? Why are they satisfied? Why are they smiling and why are they contented? For me, life is what they are living. They know they dont have proper food to stay healthy but they smile because they know they have feelings and heart. They know they have friends and siblings who will stay by them forever! They live moments and we live things. They want love and we want latest materials. They smile for what they have and we cry for what we dont have. So, who’s better? Are our problems larger than theirs? Why dont they need to visit psychologists and psychiatrists? Why dont they need therapies and sleeping pills? We need to stay happy with what we have and not sad with what we dont have! Smart phones and latest cars can give us the temporary satisfaction but not a happy heart. We need to live and not to survive. Our happiness lies in satisfactory hearts and not in things! Our problems were never a problem. We just need to think about what we actually need! What our heart actually wants! Just go out and hug a child working at a shop, or a child begging for food and money! Trust me nothing in this world would make yu feel that happy!

Social Networking


Social networking is a complete addiction. Life sucks without it. I often wonder how people had been without it, like i feel about it as a saviour. It helps your boredom when even not you yourself could help. You feel down, low and sulky because you can’t help yourself and suddenly socialization strikes your mind. It helps you forget your fears and dullness for a while and makes you live a life of perfect happiness and contention. I don’t really know why, but all of a sudden I decided to try living without these social networks. That very moment I was quite humane and satisfied with my decision. It was a night of sheer happiness for me because I was about to end my few hours of the day without socializing. I seemed to be happy enough as I was to prove few of my own assumptions wrong, one of those being “Life is a cage without social networks”. The next morning, I woke up unusually early which was quite questioning but the only answer I could get was I slept early last night due to no internet. Well, normally I used to start my morning by logging in and today was a different day so I decided to rest another hour. The clock ticked 11:15 when a sudden sound woke me up as if a helicopter has landed on my head (It was a drilling machine -_-) If I clearly remember All I dreamt in that hourly span was me in a cage and twitter bird, mark zuckerburg and Whatsapp giggling and dancing around. WHAT THE HELL was this, I paused for a moment, gave it a thought and ended up telling myself that I’m not suffering with a  NoInternetPhobia. The day was quite unusual and unhealthy 😂😑 It wasn’t less than a nightmare. I tried keeping myself busy reading khalid hosseini, watching the crap TV shows, and even worse I entered KITCHEN. A day of intense wonder for my mother, (she would never know what actually made me do that.) 😄 My love for internet was making me low low and low! I still remember the times I picked up my phone to log in and suddenly remembered the shit I had done to myself 😑😣 At 5 in the evening, I went out to avoid my phone. I walked for an hour and did some unusual stuff. The trees, the kids, the people, the wet road itself could make feel better and make me forget my phone. That very moment I felt breathless, dizzy and felt if the oxygen has ended in the surroundings. I ran back home as fast as I could. The door was locked, I rang the bell and waited like anything for the door to open. That 1 min was the hardest minute of my entire life. The moment, ilhaan opened the door, I ran up for my room. I couldn’t find my phone at first, I tried calming down myself and searched for it patiently. It was up for charging. Within a second I got to the phone, and put the password (that was first and last time I hated myself for putting my phone on password-_-),clicked the WIFI and logged in the accounts and felt no less happiness. 😄😄😄 I found my heartbeats getting normal, and pulses between 70-75 , I could breathe properly and felt no shortage of oxygen. I sat on the floor mat, straightened my legs and I took deep breaths. I was back to life, the twitter bird was happily dancing. I was happy, my heart was happy, the internet was happy. We got married and lived happily ever after 😊


And no one else, but The Quaid-Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself deserves all the accolades and appreciation,for he found a country out of his dreams. He was a man of Wisdom, accumen and Sagacity. He took in the responsibility of being the hope of thousands of muslims of the sub-continent
Despite all the intricacies, he continued intriguing the matters to work out the best. He interspersed his speeches with thought awakening quotes and words and soon his voice spilled through every single street of sub-continent, raising the deepest sentiments of muslims.
He went on with the same spirit till the end. His endeavouring nature made the things to be sorted out in possibly the shortest span. And it was due to his political and social adroitness, leadership and cool headedness that he soon succeeded in calming down the muslim apprehensions and put the problems into perspective.
He endure many years of hatred and criticism but did not let the negativity affect his poles. The muslims of the sub-continent got to witness his ardent and whimsical nature of sticking to the dreams and digging out plans accordingly.
The irreverent congress party used every possible mean to bogg down his spells, thoughts, work and efforts but he left the scourges humiliated by his untirring efforts and strong worths.
His political and social dealing with the parties to not let the situations aggravate was a sure vision of his political prowess. His afflatus and grandeur made the people awe-inspiring at both the ends.
And it was his continuous hard work that resulted in the great exodus of 1947. With a few expired machinery and destroyed office files, he started the system of completely a new state and with in no time led to a country that still is living and still had its boundaries marked at the world map.
The man who fulfilled his dreams, and a dream of thousands of hearts.
“A country, a muslim nation and A Pakistan”
A country, he served his life for…..  Pakistan, that he created out of his strong worths and dreamful heart.
And today, we are living a life of freedom, strength and power. So lets promise together on this 11th sept,15 to be a Better and a True Pakistani and a nation that Quaid dreamt for 🙂
Regards: Rimsha Syed

Sidharth’s Dreamful Fans..

Hey,Hy,Hello…. (How’re you…How’s your work going) don’t you think are some kinda very old,odd & stale QUESTIONS… I mean OFFCOURSE you be doing great? 

TO be honest, I’ve been writing you since I became Eloquent enough…Just like many other girls ..my some grinds have gone in vain too but many a times some unexpected wrenches blessed me with a pursuit of happiness and satisfaction….(voice messages on wechat…and twitter replies)

Your enchanting and rose-coloured personality has let me epitomize you a thousand times…My dreams have no end and infact none of us has a full stop to his/her fanatic wishes… Fencing the floors of our minds is a wanton try…

The other day I was reading “Flowers Of Algernon” which blatantly depicts the gravity of our thoughts… (How accomplishing our dreams is necessary)To More than a billion minds, you’re a momentous and a gilded part (the corner of their felicity and pleasure)…Out of our reprehensible and flickering lives..there is a life full of poise just because of yu…

A fans life:-

Keeping their books aside,their arguments to minds, they log in to their twitter accounts to see the activeness of their engrossing hunk… To see either he tweeted today or not… TO see who else he talked about today… And What else he posted today on IG… “Being an ordinary person and dreaming for the stars be like TELL THAT TO MARINES” (Faces are different but the dream is one SIDHARTH MALHOTRA)

Sometimes I feel insecure and fidgetfull to see a lot many hearts romping hard to reach you and honestly speaking, each one of the sidian feels the same but at the same time, we are happy and contented to see our star with such HEAVENLY-KISSED PRAISES…..

I’m not here to write a dreamy essay but just want to let yu know, how our hearts skip beats on yur every single activity.. Your name is just enough to dip us in an air of rumination where we can live a sid-ful life =D 🙂 For us twitter is the only platform (& now IG too) to communicate with yu…to let yu know how much we love you.. how much we care for yu…and to let yu know that we are always there to support yu and to stand beside yu..

When you reply to a few fans…THAT moment of agony and detriment seems very heartrending to other thousands of fans…but just a moment later, we all gailiy celebrate a SIDDY-TWEET day…To us, the real happiness is your tweets…no matter how stressed we are,how disturbed we are…but yur one tweet can do that thing to us… we can laugh and smile for the rest of our lives… We celebrate the joy of seeing your typed words…and the joy of ardent hopes and wishes of MAY BE YOU HAD CLICKED IN, YOUR NOTIFICATIONS…Every single moment that we spend tweeting yu is a bliss..

All the sidians out there, are living a SIDISM and SIDOCENTRIC lives…You are the most serene and placid part of our lives.. Each and Every day..we try harder and harder to get noticed…and with the ending hours of the day …some hearts are the most happiest ones..and some return to their beds with broken hearts..but that’s the real race and fun of our lives where we have to face failures too with hopes of “wins”..

Fans protect you:-

To hear cheeky and grim words about you, smothers us and tbh, we all are always ready to carry a fight against those grumblers…. and it soon becomes a war of SIDIANS and not of SIDHARTH …It feels like a SIDDY-ARMY who fences you to protect you….

The best thing to hear about myself is to be called a SIDIAN… Sidians family is the best family I ever found… I can’t lose YOU and my SIDIAN FAMILY at any cost… There comes a thousand moments when we feel like “we can never succeed” ..but we never know what’s coming our ways….

SIDHARTH you lead us and we follow yu…thankyou for being such a selfless and engrossing personality….thankyou for being there in our lives…. it’s an honour to be your fan….

Thankyou, Regards RIMSHA SYED..

Sidharth-My Love!!

Hey my honey bunny…How’s you?? And Whatsupp?? “Brothers” shooting done… 🙂 Well how was it ?? How did yu find Akshay kumar to work with??…We heard about your mock gravity (seriousness) towards your character…Hard work is offcourse important but Do take care of your self too and do practise your characters gravely…lol !! (but with a lil care)

   As I said earlier in one of my blogs that you’re the MAINSTAY of our imaginary love stories and sometimes my imaginations daub my mind so hard that there starts the endless stories-tales…with a small house of us across the road behind a rampart of ancient elms,brownish red under its autumn mantle of creeper..just full of rustic charm (such stories can never have a fizzle end)..And there’s just a single reason behind all these tales…YOU & YOUR SPECTACULAR AND COURTEOUS SELF..

   Your response towards us has made you even more respectable and adorable..No doubt your gimmick and incisive understanding with acting  has a yonky and magnificient stay in this industry..Your irresistable good deeds and sparkling personality has wore down the haters!! Your +ve personality and attitude of sticking to what yu’ve once decided will always make you rise even higher…

   My epigrammatic thoughts often lead me to say much in a satisfactory way,which would I be sending yu someday (one day)… You’ve driven our pityful and hopeless lives crazy…Our hellish and grumbly lives too have YOU as its glamorous and appreciable part!!

   And I just wanna wake up those who have developed a habit of always looking towards the darker side of their lives that YES SID CAN EFFECT YOUR LIVES BY HIS CHEERFULNESS..No doubt sid you’ve a much better standing in this industry than others because of your amazing and affective personality..For me you’ve become an essential part Of my life without whom I can’t even Imagine my life..

   I would like to add up that for us,

“You’re an oasis of hope in the midst of deserts of worldly woes and difficulties”…When we see nothing, we see you!! You are a sparkle of hope to us in this world of desperation…SID I owe my life to you bcz when I look back about how I used to be and How m I now..I definately can say that YOU CHANGED ME !! Thankyou for being so special to us….My love lies far beyond the access of words!! 

  In the end I would love to thank you on behalf of all those whom you have noticed and replied bcz its the most serene and placid part of our lives…And request you on behalf of all those whom you unfortunately couldn’t give time, to please bless them with your notice…

   I wish you All the Best for your future projects and Pray for a triumph success of them!! 

Love, @rimshasyed